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What do our Content Marketing services include?

  • Content Strategy
  • Definition of Buyer Person
  • Content Calendar
  • Design and Writing of Publications
  • Video Content
  • Blogs
  • Social Media Posting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Reports

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Surely you are asking yourself questions:

What is content marketing?

We embrace the definition of content marketing as a strategic marketing approach to creating and distributing relevant, valuable content intended to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience, to drive profitable customer action.

What size do businesses need to hire a content marketing agency?

It doesn’t matter what size your company is, only if when it comes time to execute a content marketing strategy, you don’t have staff members who have the time to produce relevant content, nor the skills to publish it. This is the time when you should consider whether it is worth using our services to help with your content marketing.

How do we define the mission that content marketing will have?

A content mission statement is the initial definition of the unique content vision of your brand. This statement reflects the values of your business, differentiates your storytelling from the competition’s content, and is the reference for creative and strategic content marketing decisions.  For more information, you can contact us.


Why should you develop an editorial calendar?

Having a timeline and setting deadlines is critical to scaling your marketing content development process. Having the goals that you want to achieve before publishing content will help plan the topics that the brand will talk about. Does it seem complicated? remember, we will do it for you.  Contact Us.

We trust that our specialized marketing content service could be what your company needs.

Our best content marketing ideas

Our Content Marketing Services include a personalized strategy, created exclusively for your business and relevant to your target audience. We are specialists in content creation services for social networks.

We research what kind of marketing content is relevant to your customers. Thus, we think about the strategy and create a content calendar for your company. Depending on your budget, we can create anywhere from 2 to 14 pieces per week. Those in charge of carrying out the work are our creative team, which will be in contact with the marketing sector of your business. We are always ready to create your custom content. Graphic publications, videos, blog writing with SEO optimization. At the end of the posting period, we provide you with a report showing how the marketing content we’ve created for your business is performing. Trust our social media content creation agency.

There are different types of content marketing. There is always one that is right for your business. Connect with one of our digital marketing experts to find out how Promomedia Agency can help your business.


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