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What do our Email Marketing Management Services include?

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Custom Email Design
  • Content Written
  • Distribution of Emails*
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaign Reports
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Email Marketing Strategy starting at $400

Here we present detailed email marketing management services so that you have a reference of what we offer. If you contact us and tell us about your company, our experts will know how to help you, they are the ones who will make a comprehensive proposal according to the needs and objectives of your business. To advise you, book a meeting.

Today, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to not only communicate with an audience, but to build your brand as well.


Consumers who claim to have made an online purchase as a result of an email marketing message.


Almost a third of consumers prefer to receive communication from brands via email.

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Frequent questions

Why is email important to my marketing strategy?

Email is still the most personal form of digital marketing. Social networks come and go. If we are connected by email, we are connected for the long term.

Email marketing is tremendously effective and can transform the way you communicate with your customers. Email is still the most personal form of digital marketing. Social networks come and go. If we are connected by email, we are connected for the long term.

Hire us and we’ll take your business to the next level with email marketing management services. We’ll make sure your company sends professionally designed emails so you get the highest open and click-through rates for every campaign.

Is this service an alternative to platforms like Mailchimp?

Yes. It is important that you understand that an effective marketing strategy is not achieved simply by hiring an email marketing platform. If you value your time to focus on your business, you need a few heads to constantly think about a marketing strategy. For that you have our team of professionals. Our service is complete. We bring experience and knowledge to your business. We also provide advertising creativity and support.

How much does it cost your business for a marketing agency to manage your email campaigns?

We have very effective plans at an affordable cost for small businesses, that fit the budget. You have to compare the cost of the service with what it will earn you and above all with the time it will save you. Our email marketing management service is not the same as a platform such as Mailchimp or Sendiblue could provide, we manage all your needs while you are in charge of selling your products. Look at the plans to get started.

What is the ideal frequency of sends?

The ideal frequency will depend a lot on what is defined in the strategy. Our recommendation is up to 4 emails a week. Very well thought out and perfectly designed.
In the first campaign, you will see that email marketing works to achieve sales objectives.

Look at the plans to get started.

We are the email marketing agency that your business needs

With our email marketing management services, your business is guaranteed a professional plan that will reach your target audience’s inbox. We have the best ideas for the audience to open that email. You have probably heard that email marketing is very powerful. This is so, because many people like to see what news an email brings. We are an email marketing agency that knows how to get the job done. That is good for your business.

Connect with one of our experts to find out how Promomedia Agency can help you achieve your business goals through email marketing management services.

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