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Professional email marketing campaign service starting $200 each campaign


Email marketing campaigns are one of the most profitable and beneficial strategies that digital marketing can offer. It allows you to connect with your audience, remind them of the products you sell to your business, and share special offers. Our pay per email marketing campaign service could be a solution for your strategy at a reasonable and effective cost as measured by ROI. We offer our best prices for the services of email marketing.


  • The Initial Plan Campaign includes:
  • PWe send up to 4 email designs per campaign
  • PProfessional HTML Email Design
  • PSend up to 2500 subscribers from your customer list
  • PRegistration forms on your website and social networks
  • PResponsive Design for Smartphone
  • PCampaign Reports
  • PExpert Advisor for your project
  • PSupport & Consulting

The price may vary with your requirements. If you need it, include more services:

Our goal is to customize your message to be effective with customers in your industry.
Select the size from your listing to calculate the price.
We send up to 4 email designs per campaign. Apply automation.
There are situations in which a longer email, applying vertical scrolling, can stimulate the reader’s attention and motivate them to click. In our initial plan 4 design modules are included. You can include more modules with the slide bar.
Make your website stand out from the crowd.
We include texts that stand out.
We may publish royalty-free photos in your campaign. In the basic plan we include up to 8 photos.
Photographs that will require your marketing emails. You can choose an approximate quantity that we will adjust to your actual needs later.
Usually we will have your marketing strategy ready in 5 days. If you need it online in 24 hours, please choose this option.

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How much does for email marketing?

You can’t wait for your competitor’s email to reach your customers’ mailbox before. Email marketing services are essential for your business, because they will bring you good results.

Surely you wonder what is the cost of an email marketing campaign. Take a look at our $ 200 starter plan, and get started with your first professional email marketing campaign at a very affordable price. We do not charge a monthly fee, this means that our price is for each campaign that you want us to carry out for your business. Our marketing strategies are great for being in constant contact with your customers.

If you take the services of our digital advertising agency, you will take full advantage of all that email marketing allows you to do. Our specialists are ready to offer you a professional design for your email marketing, in short they create them to generate results.

We manage your email lists, define the target audiences, then, from our marketing platform we send the emails and give you a complete tracking of the conversions that the campaign achieved. All for $ 200. Do the math, how much time you will save, surely a lot. You can dedicate that time to your work of managing and growing your business.


If you need more information Email Marketing Services Pricing, or expand the scope of services, contact us, an expert could help you with your email marketing campaigns.


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